Custom collections

The MT Group designs and executes customized biospecimen collections.

We identify, collect, and deliver fresh, frozen, and FFPE tissue; blood, serum, and plasma; and other biologics from a diverse range of populations. We understand that every project has specific requirements, which we address in a customized way.

Sometimes our customers’ focus is on difficult-to-secure biologics such as matched pre- and post-therapy tissue while other times we are asked to enroll large volumes of healthy subjects extremely fast. With each study, we spend the time upfront to deeply understand the research goals so that we collect right subjects at the right time in the right way.

We view our customers as partners, working closely with them from early study design through the delivery of the last clinical metadata.

We respond to inquiries quickly and communicate transparently – if a study isn’t feasible, we tell you that up front. And if study enrollment isn’t going well for whatever reason, we will share that and what we’re doing to fix the situation.

Populations & Biologics

We founded the MT Group with an oncology focus and today more than 50% of our collections remain cancer based.

That said, we have many multi-specialty sites, which have allowed us to work in diverse disease areas over the years, developing particularly strong capabilities in COVID-19, NASH, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune diseases, cardiology, as well as with healthy subjects. Our sites see diverse therapeutic regimens, which allows them to collect many patients either pre- or post- therapy and in some cases, both pre- and post- therapy.


Solid Tumors

Blood Cancers

Infectious Disease

Metabolic Disease

Autoimmune Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Healthy Controls


MT Group - biospecimen CRO Fresh, Frozen & FFPE Tissue samples

Fresh, Frozen & FFPE Tissue

MT Group - biospecimen CRO Blood, Serum & Plasma

Blood, Serum & Plasma

MT Group - biospecimen CRO swabs


MT Group - biospecimen CRO urine samples


MT Group - biospecimen CRO saliva samples



We pioneered the delivery of biospecimens with comprehensive clinical annotation back in 2003 and have continued to expand this metadata offering ever since.

We now capture any and all data that is collected as part of our sites’ standard of care clinical practice. For example, we capture each subject’s demographic information such as age, gender, ethnicity, and race plus lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking. Metadata also include medical history, such as what diagnoses have been made, therapeutic and surgical interventions, and co-morbidities. Specific disease pathologies (including path reports or summaries) are provided as are any available biomarkers such as ER/PR/Her2 for breast cancer or MSS status for colorectal cancer.

In retrospective studies, we often also collect outcome data including response, relapse, and survival and for prospective studies, after the initial sample collection, we regularly follow subjects for longitudinal metadata on treatments and outcomes. These data are collected with or without additional biologics.

For each case, we regularly collect:


Medical & Treatment History

Lifestyle Choices



Outcomes & Survival

Current Topic

MT Group’s boutique biobank now includes FFPE collected from subjects with small cell lung cancer (“SCLC”).

Both resections and biopsies are available as are a few matched SCLC cases (FFPE + plasma + buffy coat).  Please reach out to Alexander Avanzado at for additional details.