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Rapid Enrollment of Healthy & At-Risk Populations

By July 29, 2021August 31st, 2021No Comments

The  MT Group is pleased to share its strengthened blood collection capability in control populations, enabled through dozens of new sites, to power liquid biopsy research and development.   Are you looking to:

  • Compare developmental assay results in healthy control subjects and diseased populations?
  • Study biomarkers in at-risk subjects such as those receiving mammograms or  colonoscopies and compare levels with subjects previously diagnosed with breast or colorectal cancer?
  • Call back previously enrolled control subjects with interesting test results for additional biologic or clinical metadata collection?
  • Longitudinally track disease development in at-risk subjects over many years through  biospecimen evaluation and/or clinical metadata?
  • Analyze biologic stability and test performance under different shipping and packaging conditions?

Our blood collection capability for healthy controls is now more 1,000 subjects per month. And as with all of our collections, we tailor inclusion criteria to precisely capture your targets while providing comprehensive clinical information for every subject.  Please reach out today!