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Patient-Specific Antibody Responses

By May 6, 2020September 3rd, 2021No Comments

Imagine if you could study how patient-specific factors correlated with COVID-19 clinical presentations. What if you could study antibody response in mild vs. severe cases or across co-morbidities? How about if you could simultaneously look at biomarker profiles such as those associated with impaired liver or heart function? Maybe you’d like to look into how cellular immunity comes into play?

The MT Group is a biospecimen-focused clinical research organization with a network of IRB-approved COVID-19 sample collection sites across the United States. We pride ourselves on delivering pristine, QC-ed samples and comprehensive clinical annotation. Our business is to help you, the front line pharmaceutical and biotech researchers, achieve the scientific and clinical insights that drive the COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccines that the world so severely needs.

We are always excited to collaborate with customers on the most challenging studies – together we can design the pre-analytics, collection protocols, and clinical annotation to achieve your project goals.