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Our COVID-19 Biospecimen Site Network is Live

By April 27, 2020September 3rd, 2021No Comments

Over the past month, we have been hard at work building a broad site network to procure COVID-19 biospecimens to researchers in need. Our sites have been extremely interested in doing their part, with more than a dozen sites already onboard in California, Washington, Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Louisiana, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Ohio. This geographic diversity has allowed us to target specific patient profiles across the evolving disease hotspots as well as support geographically based studies such as those on genetic drift. We are now also exploring international sites and would appreciate hearing your interest level in this global capability – please let us know.

We thank you, our customers, for your close collaboration during these challenging times. With open discussion, our ability to customize studies and serve you as a true research partner can be fully achieved. We see industry pulling together like never before and hope to do our part to support you, the scientists and clinicians, with our reasonably priced, deeply annotated COVID-19 biospecimens. Together, we will eradicate this disease.