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Are you active in immuno-oncology? If so, you’re not alone – there are now hundreds of IO compounds in clinical development plus many more being investigated in pre-clinical studies.

We believe that pre-clinical studies supported by more of the right biospecimens, annotated with comprehensive clinical metadata (including response to therapy), drive superior clinical trial designs, which ultimately enable novel IO products and commercial differentiation.

MT Group supported some of the first pre-clinical checkpoint inhibitor studies and instituted a comprehensive IO program in 2015 that has enrolled 1,000s of patients in biospecimen collections.

As approved compounds have become more common in oncology management, we have broadened our IO capabilities, supporting diverse projects such as longitudinal bloods (pre-therapy, on-therapy, and at relapse) and more recently, post-IO therapy tissue.

MT Group’s IO Capabilities
* NSCLC, melanoma, head & neck SCC, gastric cancer, RCC, bladder cancer and others
* Fresh tumor tissue
* FFPE tumor tissue
* Fresh and processed blood
* Longitudinal collections (pre-therapy, on-therapy, remission, recurrence)
* Outcome data
* Specific therapeutic regimens

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