Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have a catalog?

We focus on custom collections and have found that catalogs create distance between us and our customers, which can ultimately lead to issues. We have heard too many frustrations from our customers about catalogs to believe that they are a good fit for our business. That said, we aim to respond quickly to every inquiry as we understand that time is of the essence.

How fast can you deliver fresh samples?

Most fresh specimens (e.g. tissue and blood) are delivered within 24 hours of collection via an overnight courier. We have optimized our systems (media, shippers, processes) to ensure the highest biospecimen viability. In some situations, biologic delivery on the same day as collection is possible.

Are the collections all IRB approved?

All of the MT Group’s biospecimen collections are conducted under IRB approved protocols. Most of our studies are performed under already established central IRB approvals, which allows for rapid study startup. Some studies require local IRB approval, which we can accelerate by leveraging our many years of IRB experience.

How can the collected biospecimens be used?

Our sites’ subject consent forms provide complete research and commercial rights including but not limited to gene discovery, genetic research, and patents. No future financial benefit from any product, material, or information is owed to the subjects.

Can you collect from pediatric subjects?

Several of our sites have received IRB approval to collect pediatric subjects for our studies.

How long does it take to begin enrolling subjects?

While each study is different, for most studies screening begins 1-2 weeks after receipt of a purchase order. During these 1-2 weeks, we select our collection sites, develop a study-specific SOP, build and deliver study kits (tubes, media, shipping materials), and onboard our sites with a study initiation call.

What is the first step to a project?

The first step is typically an introductory call with a potential customer to cover study goals, populations, biologics, and timing. During the call, we often refine the collection parameters and pose additional questions for follow up. If necessary, we then conduct feasibility investigations to understand study potential and projected enrollment. After we have finalized the study design and feasibility, we provide a detailed quote to the customer that includes enrollment projections and study costs.

Please reach out with any questions – we’re here to support you.

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